• osCommerce / CRE Loaded / ZenCart / X-Cart / osCMax expert.
  • Contribution installation and modification.
  • Shipping and Payment gateways installation and modification.
  • Custom gateways development.
  • Custom modules coding.
  • FaceBook integration.
  • Complex shipping solutions development.
  • Products, Categories, Customers, Orders, Manufactures importing from live feeds or from another applications.
  • Simultaneous login development and implementation.
  • Template installation. (check some available HTML or Flash templates)
  • Layout integration from another web site.
  • Bug fixing.
  • ...I can give you the exact solution you are looking for...
I'm also available to travel to any country if on-site programming or advising is needed.

Get in touch with me by sending a detailed description of what you need to be done and I will promptly reply with my suggestions and an estimated quote. Thank you!

Eq+ Argentina S.A.
August 1996 - 2005
Technology Manager
Languages : Visual Basic, JSP, PHP, Javascript, C, HTML, DHTML.
Technologies : MySQL, PostgreSQL, mSQL, BRS/Search, Kerberos, Apache, Tomcat, JBoss, HP-UX, Windows 9x/2000, Linux, Solaris, AIX.
Responsabilities : Lead development teams. Explore new technologies. Advice new clients about hardware and software convenience.
Achievements: Client/Server system for Jurisprudence of the Judicial Power in Argentina, with +22 servers across the country and +5000 phisical users. Web system for searching and loading Jurisprudence. Web Site of the Supreme Court of Argentina. Single sign on using Kerberos with a developed OCX. Classes developed in PHP and JSP for communication with the documental database BRS/Search. Installation, configuration and teaching of Oracle Server in +10 Digital servers in Sonatrach, largest enterprise of Algeria.
Background: Eq+ is an IT consulting firm operating in this country since 1985.
República del Paraguay - Economy Ministry - Tax Dept.
February 1996 - August 1996 (6 months I.D.B contract)
Development Team Leader
Languages : Visual Basic, Oracle Forms.
Technologies : Oracle Database Server, Access, SQL Server, Windows NT, Unix.
Responsabilities : Lead the development team.
Achievements: Client/Server system for staff administration and resource planning. Client/Server system to pursuing tax debtors.
República Argentina - Economy Ministry - Human Resources Dept.
March 1995 - February 1996 (12 months U.N. contract)
IT Team Leader
Languages : Visual Basic, Oracle Forms.
Technologies : Oracle Database Server, Access, SQL Server, Windows 95, Unix.
Responsabilities : Lead the IT team.
Achievements: Client/Server system for salary planning, envolving all people working in the public administration.
Startel S.A.
August 1993 - February 1995
External IT Consultant and Advisor
Languages : C, Visual Basic.
Technologies : SCO Unix, IdeaFix Development Suite, Oracle database server, Windows 3.11.
Achievements: Client/Server and host based system for internal requests of purchases.
Background: Startel was a telecommunication company, in charge of all international phone calls prior to going private.
Rio Colorado Drilling Company S.A.
October 1992 - February 1994
External IT Consultant and Advisor
Languages : C, Visual Basic.
Technologies : AIX, IdeaFix Development Suite.
Achievements: Host based system for administration of supplies in different remote stores across the country and in-field. Support for operations in Turmenistan.
Background: Rio Colorado is a company from the Bunge & Born holding, serving drilling services for the other companies in the group and external, such as Repsol-YPF.
Argentine German Hospital
October 1992 - May 1993
External IT Consultant and Advisor
Languages : C.
Technologies : Unix, IdeaFix Development Suite.
Achievements: Host based system for interfacing accounting system and salary system.
Background: Located in a privileged area of Buenos Aires, the German Hospital is one of the most important sanitary facilities in the country.

Sedalana - Polysur Textile Group
November 1990 - September1992
Systems Manager
Languages : C.
Technologies : Unix, IdeaFix Development Suite.
Achievements: I successfully conducted the migration from a legacy system (IBM mainframe) to open solutions (Unisys Unix). Systems envolved were: accounting, salary, human resources, purchases, selling and stocking.
Background: Sedalana was located in the suburbs of Buenos Aires and Polysur in the Patagonia (south region of the country). Both companies were in the fabric business.
InterSoft Argentina S.A.
January 1990 - November 1990
Programmer - Team Leader
Languages : C.
Technologies : Unix, IdeaFix Development Suite.
Achievements: I was envolved in several software developments for many clients.
Background: InterSoft is a software house, author of the IdeaFix Development Suite and Fuego BPM.
Proyectos de Informatica S.A.
April 1989 - January 1990
Applications Analyst
Languages : Clipper, Business Basic.
Technologies : Windows 3.11, dBase database, HP-250 minicomputers.
Achievements: I was envolved in several software developments for many clients.
Background: Proyectos de Informatica was a small software house, now disolved.
Galeno Medical Prevision S.A.C.
January 1988 - March 1989
System Supervisor
Languages : Transact/3000, SPL/3000.
Technologies : HP-3000 minicomputers, MPE operating system.
Background: Galeno was one of the largest private medical services in this country, now merged with another one.

Buenos Aires University - Computer Dept.
June 1986 - March 1990
Teacher - Computer Center Staff Member
Languages : Pascal, Fortran, C, Transact/3000, SPL/3000, Basic.
Technologies : HP-3000 minicomputers, MPE operating system. PCs, MS-DOS, Windows 3.11. NCR-Tower, Unix.
Background: I was teaching as 2nd Level Assistant in several computer related disciplines in the Computer Dept. and the Electronic Dept. Computer Center staff member in charge of research, systems and hardware maintenance and users support.

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Estoy en la búsqueda de programadores PHP / MySQL con excelentes conocimientos y experiencia en el producto Open Source osCommerce.
El trabajo es en horario a convenir y desde tu casa u oficina.
Son requisitos indispensables tener una conexión de Internet de banda ancha, estar disponible en algún Instant Messenger (Yahoo, MSN, AIM) durante toda la jornada laboral y cumplir estrictamente con los plazos de entrega.
Si estás interesado/a y cumplís en forma excluyente todos los requisitos, enviame tu CV a cv@gustavoedelstein.com.ar.

Muchas gracias.

I was born in Buenos Aires, capital city of Argentina, in 1967. When I was at the University of Buenos Aires, studying for Electronic Engineer, I became in one of the 11 guys envolved with the development of an Computer Center for students in the Computer Dept. of the University. I was only 19 years old, so the challenge was amazing. One year later, I also begun to teach in several disciplines, all of them related with programming. After those 4 years, I went out of the University looking for more challenges, starting as a Systems Supervisor in a medical company, up to now, being a Technology Manager. I really love challenges, so if you have one, please let me know !
Languages: JSP, PHP, ASP, JavaScript, VBScript, HTML, DHTML, Shell Script, SQL, Oracle Forms (ver. 3, 4, 4.5), Visual Basic (ver. 3, 4, 5, 6), XML, C, Java, Clipper, Pascal, SPL/3000, Transact/3000, Fortran, Assembler (micros M6800, M6809, Z80).
Databases: MySQL, mSQL, PostgreSQL, BRS/Search, MS Access, SQL Server, MSDE, Oracle, Sybase.
Technologies: Apache Web Server (ver. 1 & 2), Microsoft IIS, Tomcat Web Container, JBoss App. Server, Ms.Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP, Linux, Unix (HP-UX, Solaris, AIX, OSF), Kerberos V5.
Development: DreamWeaver, Oracle ( Developer/2000 & Designer/2000), IdeaFix, SQL Windows, Progress, CD-Author, IMAGE/3000, VPLUS/3000.
Offshore programming (internet, intranet, desktop):
With our local currency highly deprecated, international companies and software houses can get extreme low rates in hourly programming and per project.
Base Installation & Configuration:
Apache Web Server, Tomcat Web Container, JBoss App. Server, Kerberos V5 auth. system, PHP, database engines (MySQL, PostgreSQL, mSQL).
Application Installation, Config. & Customization:
X-Cart, osCommerce, phpAdsNew, WordPress, Mambo, Joomla, Open Realty, any open source app.

I've taken courses in:
  • Texas Instruments Argentina
  • Hewlett Pakard Argentina
  • Oracle University
  • Sybase Argentina
  • Microsoft Argentina 
  • Dataware Tech. (Boston, USA)
  • SQL-Systems (Grenoble, France)
  • Master in Telecommunications
    (High Tech. Learning Center)
  • Exo Training Center

I've teaching in:
  • University of Buenos Aires,
    Computer Dept. and Electronic
    Dept. of the Engineering Area.
  • Supreme Court of Argentina
  • Sonatrach (Algeria)
  • ProChile (Chile)
  • Quimbol Lever (Bolivia)
  • BRS North American Group
  • Editorial Atlantida
  • I. A. C. (Argentine Institute of Computing)


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